Souter life in the OC
Life experiences of a Christian Family living in Orange County,CA


Thanksgiving! A time to reflect on all of the treasures that God has given us.  I am very thankful for God’s undying love, my wonderful hubby, my beautiful kids, our health, our home, our family and friends, our church, our schools, and our country!  I feel so blessed and so very thankful for my little life in the OC. 

Cadiz’s class was treated to a wonderful feast that included a whole turkey and all of the fixin’s.  The second grade mom’s pitched in to make this feast happened.  The kids were able to practice the table etiquette they had learned earlier that week by setting their own table with a place mat they made, putting the utencils in their correct place and eating with extreme politeness.  The kids also participated with making the food by making their very own individual no-bake pie, cranberry sauce and even churned butter! This class of 30 noisy second graders were transformed into the most proper kiddos you’ve ever seen.  The teacher gave them an opportunity to read out loud what they were thankful for and of course Cadiz’s voluteered.  

“I am thankful for a thousand things but I am going to tell you about just three.  I am thankful for my family because they are funny and very helpful. I love my family because they take care of me. I am thankful for my friends because they are nice and they are fun to play with. I am thankful for my school because I love to learn, read, and learn math.  I’m so glad I have these things in my life!”       

On Thanksgiving day we went to celebrate at the other Souter home.  The kids had a blast with their cousins.  They rode their bikes, played softball, and Wii.

We had more eating at my parent’s house on Saturday with my side of the family. The kids love how my mom makes her non traditional turkey which is cooked with lots of sauce until it falls from the bone.  


I can’t believe that the man I met when he was 22 turned 40! He didn’t want a big party for this milestone birthday just only a trip to New Orleans.  After a lot of nagging though I finally convinced him to have a little party with his close friends.

We had a great time celebrating my husband’s life so far by eating yummy hordeourves and drinking bubbly champagne.  I had a questionaire for our friends to see who knew him the most.  The winner got a prize to take home. I revealed the answers and interesting facts of my man using a slide show…

My hubby’s deaf from his left ear.  He wasn’t born that way but actually lost his hearing after being hit by truck when he ran into the street after a ball.  His skull was cracked and he was in a coma for 6 weeks. The doctors  didn’t think this 3 year old would make it.  But his mom prayed diligently and it was a miracle that he survived without any other problems except loosing his hearing.  

My hubby was also Regional Lamb Leader of Orange County when I met him 18 years ago.  Regional Lamb Leader? HUH?  He was in 4H for 9 years where he raised pigs, steers, and lambs at would show them at the OC Fair.  His specialty was lambs and he became so knowledgable that he became the contact for anyone who had questions or problems.  It was very fun and different to go around with him to sheer lambs for the kids who  were getting ready for the Fair.


The most suprising thing about my hubby is that he started a fashion design company when he was only 18 along with his best friend.  The Tustin News published an article and this picture  of them in the prom outfits that they designed.  I couldn’t believe it when my hubby told me that he designed a dress for the Miss Teen Pageant and even was offered a line at Nordstrom!!!  Unfortunately, he had to decline the offer because he couldn’t produce enough pieces.    

There are so many other things that make my husband so interesting.   I call him my Renaissance man because he knows so much about everything. I thank God that he has blessed me with such a wonderful man!


We went to the Big Easy to celebrate Steve turning the Big  4-0 on 11/19!  It was an amazing trip filled with great food, fun people and cool jazz.

Mmmmm! Beignets from Cafe du Monde.

At night we walked the streets till 2 am.  There were great jazz clubs and bars.  At Pat O’ Brians we had their famous hurricanes that had rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine syrup.  We also drank by candlelight  in the oldest bar in the US, Lafitte’s Blacksmith, because there is no electricity.

We listened to Cool Jazz at Preservation Hall.  This house was built in 1750 and turned into a jazz hall in the 60’s.  I heard everything has remained the same since it opened. It looked it too! 

We gazed at the beautiful mansions in the Garden District and dreamed what it would be like to live in one. 

New Orleans was a quick and fun get away with my man!


I knew when Steve and I had kids that they were going to have major teeth issues. Steve had extra teeth(like 4 extra!) and I had a baby tooth and missing teeth.  We both had braces growing up.  I unfortunately had braces twice including jaw surgery because they messed up the first time.  I was still in shock though to see my soon to be 8 year old with braces already.  Nowadays they start them young and in phases.  Phase 1 braces on the top 4 front teeth, then braces on the bottom 4 front teeth  Wait a year then Phase 2 put braces on the rest of the mouth.

My poor cutie pie has a lot of teeth problems…Extra teeth, huge overbite and alignment problems. She’s been a trooper so far.  I was so sad when they put her palate expander in Sept (like a permanent retainer) to fix the damage she caused as a finger sucker.  I always tell people that it’s better for the kids to use a binky than their fingers.  At least you can take the binky away.  She was super excited to get her braces since it’s cool to have them at her age.  The kids at school were saying “You’re sooo lucky!” “That’s awesome!” and even “I wish I could get them!” when they saw the red and green rubber band Christmas colors.  She was very popular that day.  Oh how I wish that was the case when I got braces! 🙂



Every holiday is so special ever since we’ve had kids. You get to experience it all over again through their eyes.  Their excitement, smiles, and anticipation just warms my heart.  Here’s my darling Mary Poppins and my heroic Batman.

Counting the candy loot!


I have been such a slacker to my blog lately.  I don’t know if my new working schedule  is to blame or facebook but I’m hoping to catch up with this post and keep it current. (cross my fingers!)

Cutie pie started 2nd grade this Fall.  She actually has 2 teachers who work part-time. At first I was not too thrilled but soon realized that both are there most of the time so it’s nice especially since there are 30 students this year.  The CA cutbacks messed everything in public schools but it’s so neat to see how the parents are involved even more to help out the teachers this year.  


My little man  is in 3 day pre-school and the best part is that my very good friend is his teacher.  So I know he’s in good hands! I just can’t believe that my baby is growing up so fast.  I dred the day I have to send him to Kinder.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

Fall doesn’t feel like Fall without a visit to the pumpkin patch! My kiddos have so much fun running around in the hay maze, going in the haunted house, and posing for silly pictures like this one.



I felt very convicted to catch up with my blog especially since today is the last day of summer!  Summer came and went in a blink of an eye.  I can’t believe the craziness of school and after school activities are here again.  It’s a bitter sweet feeling of having structure again.   

So what did we do this summer?  Slept in, caught up with friends that we don’t see during the school year, beach days, pool days and our highlight was a short family trip to Colorado.  

We stayed in Colorado Springs in a beautiful historic hotel, The Broadmoor.

 The kids loved the infinity pool that had a water slide.

We took a railcog ride up 14110 feet to Pikes Peak.

Caught up will a dear friend over a wonderful dinner. I had bison short ribs and Steve had Elk filet. They love meat in Colorado!

Explored underground caves.

Walked around the “Garden of the Gods” These beautiful red rocks made me feel like I was in Sedona.

This was an awesome family trip especially since Mason is such a big boy now.   I’m looking forward to many more family vacations maybe even abroad!


Mason wanted a big boy batman party for his 4th birthday.  We had it in the morning to beat the heat.  There was a bounce house for entertainment, pancakes and an egg casserole for breakfast, and in lieu of a b-day cake we had a Krispie Kreme Cake!


We started celebrating the 4th by heading to the Gobbo’s house for a pool party and a yummy “churrascaria”.  Our Brazilian friend had an awesome assortment of BBQ meats – chicken sausage, pork spare ribs, and steak of course.


Here’s Mason with his buddy Alex.

Kids cooling off at the pool.

In the afternoon we headed off to the other Souter’s place to spend time with the cousins.

Mason and Spencer enjoying brownies. 

The kids were so anxious to see fireworks .


Steve’s in trouble!


We had a great 4th with family and friends!


Thirteen years ago I married the love of my life!

 I can remember as if it was yesterday when we first met. 

I remember so clearly all of the travels we did during the first fives year of marriage.

It was so romantic to float around the canals of Venice and get lost in it’s narrow streets.  We laughed so hard when we realized my black and white striped top matched every gondolier in city.

Seville was so picturesque and so lively. We ate tapas, drank sangria and watched flamenco dancers till midnight.

We explored Scottland and England to the fullest even though I was two months pregnant with our first.

But the biggest adventure of all was having our sweet babies!

I’m so thankful to God for the wonderful memories we have made together and for the future ones to come!