Souter life in the OC
Life experiences of a Christian Family living in Orange County,CA

Brace Face

I knew when Steve and I had kids that they were going to have major teeth issues. Steve had extra teeth(like 4 extra!) and I had a baby tooth and missing teeth.  We both had braces growing up.  I unfortunately had braces twice including jaw surgery because they messed up the first time.  I was still in shock though to see my soon to be 8 year old with braces already.  Nowadays they start them young and in phases.  Phase 1 braces on the top 4 front teeth, then braces on the bottom 4 front teeth  Wait a year then Phase 2 put braces on the rest of the mouth.

My poor cutie pie has a lot of teeth problems…Extra teeth, huge overbite and alignment problems. She’s been a trooper so far.  I was so sad when they put her palate expander in Sept (like a permanent retainer) to fix the damage she caused as a finger sucker.  I always tell people that it’s better for the kids to use a binky than their fingers.  At least you can take the binky away.  She was super excited to get her braces since it’s cool to have them at her age.  The kids at school were saying “You’re sooo lucky!” “That’s awesome!” and even “I wish I could get them!” when they saw the red and green rubber band Christmas colors.  She was very popular that day.  Oh how I wish that was the case when I got braces! 🙂


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