Souter life in the OC
Life experiences of a Christian Family living in Orange County,CA


Tucked away near the Anaheim Golf Course is a park I never knew existed…  Oak Canyon. It’s full of beautiful oak trees and 3 easy hiking trails. Cadiz went to a week long Nature Camp with 2 of her school buddies. 

They learned about nature, made crafts, and went on the trails. 

The kids even performed in front of the parents.

Cadiz had a blast and can’t wait to go next year.  Sadly though the center might close due to the budget crisis. 😦

We will be praying for the little nature center in Anaheim Hills!


The kids ADORE their daddy! Daddy is funny, silly and likes to take them out and explore.  Being the great Dad that he is, Steve wanted to celebrate Father’s day by taking the kids to the park so they could ride their bikes while we rollerbladed.  Diz was very excited to go since Dad recently taught her to ride without training wheels.

We also had a nice relaxing BBQ at my parent’s house.  WE LOVE DADDY!


The end of the school year finally came!

Mason’s class had an island party to celebrate.

They played musical chairs.

 Did the limbo… preschool style (crawled on the floor )

I’m gonna miss being a room mom for these precious little ones!

Cadiz’s school had a carnival.  There was a huge bounce house obstacle course, slide, carnival games and lot’s of yummy food.  The In-N-Out truck was even there!

Here’s Diz and her buddies enjoying popsicles from the Archies ice cream truck.

Mason thought it was great that I worked at the cotton candy booth.

Future second graders.


 First grade pool party – A great way to start the summer!


We had a cooking class with my mom’s church group.  My French friend, Katel, taught us how to make Quiche Lorraine, Tiramisu and Crepes.  It was c’est magnifique!

I learned the secret to quiche lorraine is the creme friache.

Layering lady fingers for our tiramisu. (okay I know it’s not French but we couldn’t resist learning how to make this yummy dessert)

Crepe maker in training!


Mother’s Day at Disneyland! What a great way to celebrate with my precious fam.

I got a ride from my little man.

I gave a piggy back to my cutie pie.

Had some screams on Space Mountain. 


And my hubby even went on It’s A Small World with us even though he hates it with a passion.

A pefect day at the Happiest Place on Earth!


My Mom’s Group from church planned this fun and FREE field trip to CPK. 


The kids got a chance to make their own pizzas.

Here’s Mason with his masterpiece.

Us Mom’s even got to order any pizza we wanted along with drinks…So we got BBQ chicken (of course) and rasberry and peach lemonade.  And it was all FREE! The kids even got to take home a goodie bag with a certificate for a free kid’s meal!  Thank you CPK!!!



 “The Quest for the Ancient Barametor” was the name of the Diz’s 1st grade musical.    The plot was about weather elements.  Diz had a solo which she auditioned for and she also played a Wind Sister.  The Wind Sisters had crazy teased hair with leaves in it.  Here’s our little star stiking a pose.


We celebrated Easter this year with the rest of the Souter clan.  We met them at their home church at Mariners for Easter service and then we went to brunch at Fashion Island.  The day was beautiful…so sunny and warm.  It couldn’t be more perfect to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection! 


Mason couldn’t get enough of the chocolate dipped strawberries.



Last year we started making Resurrection Rolls in our family to teach the kiddos about the resurrection. It’s a simple demonstration that the kids can part take in as well as having a yummy treat afterwards.

What you need:

Marshmellow – Symbolizes Jesus (white and pure)

Melted Butter & Cinnamon sugar – Symbolizes the oil and spices used to prepare the body for burial

Cresant Roll – Symbolizes the tomb

What you do:

Take the marshmellow(Jesus) dip it in the melted butter and cinnamon sugar.  Then you wrap the cresant roll around the marshmellow.  When you bake it in the oven the marshmellow melts and disapears. 

Jesus has risen from the tomb!

I made the rolls with Mason’s preschool class and they just loved it!


Diz and Daddy had their first Pinewood Derby Race today.  They came home with a pink 2nd place trophy after racing against other Indian Princess tribes!(18 races total) We were very excited and quite surpised.  Making the cars was quite a challenge.  The kit came with a plain block of wood and wheels.  They had to go over Uncle Matt’s house to use his saw equipment to shape the block of wood into something that looked like a car.  Diz painted hers white with red flames and Daddy went with the natural wood look.