Souter life in the OC
Life experiences of a Christian Family living in Orange County,CA

Lots to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving! A time to reflect on all of the treasures that God has given us.  I am very thankful for God’s undying love, my wonderful hubby, my beautiful kids, our health, our home, our family and friends, our church, our schools, and our country!  I feel so blessed and so very thankful for my little life in the OC. 

Cadiz’s class was treated to a wonderful feast that included a whole turkey and all of the fixin’s.  The second grade mom’s pitched in to make this feast happened.  The kids were able to practice the table etiquette they had learned earlier that week by setting their own table with a place mat they made, putting the utencils in their correct place and eating with extreme politeness.  The kids also participated with making the food by making their very own individual no-bake pie, cranberry sauce and even churned butter! This class of 30 noisy second graders were transformed into the most proper kiddos you’ve ever seen.  The teacher gave them an opportunity to read out loud what they were thankful for and of course Cadiz’s voluteered.  

“I am thankful for a thousand things but I am going to tell you about just three.  I am thankful for my family because they are funny and very helpful. I love my family because they take care of me. I am thankful for my friends because they are nice and they are fun to play with. I am thankful for my school because I love to learn, read, and learn math.  I’m so glad I have these things in my life!”       

On Thanksgiving day we went to celebrate at the other Souter home.  The kids had a blast with their cousins.  They rode their bikes, played softball, and Wii.

We had more eating at my parent’s house on Saturday with my side of the family. The kids love how my mom makes her non traditional turkey which is cooked with lots of sauce until it falls from the bone.  


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