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October 31, 2009

Every holiday is so special ever since we’ve had kids. You get to experience it all over again through their eyes.  Their excitement, smiles, and anticipation just warms my heart.  Here’s my darling Mary Poppins and my heroic Batman. Counting the candy loot! Advertisements

Camp Oaks

June 26, 2009

Tucked away near the Anaheim Golf Course is a park I never knew existed…  Oak Canyon. It’s full of beautiful oak trees and 3 easy hiking trails. Cadiz went to a week long Nature Camp with 2 of her school buddies.  They learned about nature, made crafts, and went on the trails.  The kids even performed in front of the parents. Cadiz had […]

French Cooking 101

May 21, 2009

We had a cooking class with my mom’s church group.  My French friend, Katel, taught us how to make Quiche Lorraine, Tiramisu and Crepes.  It was c’est magnifique! I learned the secret to quiche lorraine is the creme friache. Layering lady fingers for our tiramisu. (okay I know it’s not French but we couldn’t resist learning how […]

1st Grade Musical

April 17, 2009

   “The Quest for the Ancient Barametor” was the name of the Diz’s 1st grade musical.    The plot was about weather elements.  Diz had a solo which she auditioned for and she also played a Wind Sister.  The Wind Sisters had crazy teased hair with leaves in it.  Here’s our little star stiking a pose.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

March 16, 2009

 Diz came home from school with a project for her and her daddy to do…Build A Leprechaun Trap. I never heard of such a thing but apparently in our school it’s a project that all 1st graders do.  Fortunately, they got some cool ideas from a Family Fun magazaine to give them some direction.  An oatmeal can was used […]

Laughter is the best medicine to get you through these Hard Times

March 13, 2009

  Urkel grew up!

Visiting the Gipper’s Library

February 16, 2009

To celebrate President’s Day we took the kiddos to the library of our beloved president: Ronald Reagan.  We love what he stood for, we love what he fought for, and we love his belief of “We the People” not “We the Government”.  I grew up with the Reagans. I vividly remember attending one of Nancy Reagan’s  “Just […]

Mi Corazon is tu Corazon

February 14, 2009

  “Mi Corazon is tu Corazon” is what my Valentine use to say to me when we were dating.  I’ve accepted that he now shares his heart with someone else… My cutie pie. But I too have someone else to share my heart with…My little man.

Free Days at The Discovery Science Center

February 2, 2009

The first Monday of every month the Discovery Science Center has free admission for up to 4 people for Santa Ana residents.  I’m glad we can get in for free because I don’t thnk it’s worth the full price.  The CA Science Center in LA is a lot bigger and it’s free all the time My kids love touch […]

Tall enough for the big rides!

January 21, 2009

The day finally came when Mason hit that magical height: 40 inches tall.  It was so much fun for the whole family to go on Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  I can’t wait to go back again!