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Austin – Day 4 Goodbye y’all

August 27, 2008

It was our last day in Austin.  Cadiz kept saying “Why do we have to leave now?”  That was a good sign that she had a lot of fun.  I had a lot of fun too but I was a bit anxious to get back home to get the kids ready for school. The kids slept in late after […]

Austin – Day 3 Relax

August 26, 2008

Today we decided to hang out at the resort all day.    We took a stroll along the grounds and saw the Colorado river up close.  Path that leads from the River to the pools Lazy River Pool The Lazy River Pool was my favorite pool.  I could of float all day long.  There were beautiful flowers, […]

Austin- Day 2 Explore

August 25, 2008

After a good night’s sleep, we went to the suburbs of Cedar Park and Round Rock right outside of Austin to see out our rental homes.  This is the reason why we made the trip to Austin.  Our realtor gave us the tour of both areas.  There were a lot of shopping centers, new homes, new schools, and new restaurants.  Dell’s headquarters is in […]

Austin – Day 1 Arrive

August 24, 2008

It was very hard to wake up 6am this morning to rush to JWA after being out late the night before at the reunion but seeing the kids so excited about our trip woke me right up as if I had a cup of coffee.  Mason did quite well for his first flight.  Snacks, DVD, and his blankie were life savers on this 4 1/2 […]

Class of 88 – 20th Reunion

August 23, 2008

   Tonight we got all dressed up for a monumental event…Steve’s 20th high school reunion from Foothill!  I love the pic of my blonde babe above.  His hair is totally 80’s and so is his suit. The event was at the Hilton, Costa Mesa.  The hall was filled with laughter and non-stop talking.  Steve caught up with his buddies […]

Beach Day with Friends

August 19, 2008

  The beach has been our fave summer activity.  There’s nothing like soft sand between your toes, a cool breeze in your face and the sound of kids laughing with joy as waves crash onto the shore.  Today we met the Hesseler and Mills Family at Corona Del Mar.  Knowing that school and crazy schedules are just around the corner, we […]

The Souter Family Weekend Trip

August 18, 2008

We left the OC on Friday afternoon, August 15th and headed to Oxnard.  The rest of the Souter family, Matt, Jen, Jacob(4), and the twins Spencer and Sabrina(3) left around the same time to meet us at our beachfront hotel.  We arrived just in time to enjoy the complimentary happy hour and snacks.  Then we headed to beach to see the sunset.  The view […]

Remembering Dad

August 9, 2008

 August 9th, 2008 would of been your 72th b-day.  It’s been 11 years since you were reunited with Mom in heaven after loosing your battle with cancer.  Time does not fade how much we miss or think about you.   Cadiz was only 3 1/2  years old when she asked me while I was driving “Where are Daddy’s parents Mommy?”  She caught me so […]

VBS at Calvary Church

August 8, 2008

August 4th-8th was Calvary Church’s VBS.  Cadiz was finally able to attend VBS at her church now that she will be a big first grader in the Fall.  Her eyes were wide open as she stared at all of the the neon decorations of the “Power Lab” theme.  She was very quiet and a little nervous when I left her in the sanctuary.  That was […]

Where a kid can be a kid!

August 3, 2008

We celebrated Mason’s 3rd birthday on August 3rd at Chuck E Cheese’s. The kids& grown ups had fun playing games, eating pizza and cake.  I have to admit that I was very excited to have Mason’s b-day at Chuck E Cheese so I could relive my childhood memories.  Love the skeeball!                      […]