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Life experiences of a Christian Family living in Orange County,CA

My Hubby turns the big 4-0!

I can’t believe that the man I met when he was 22 turned 40! He didn’t want a big party for this milestone birthday just only a trip to New Orleans.  After a lot of nagging though I finally convinced him to have a little party with his close friends.

We had a great time celebrating my husband’s life so far by eating yummy hordeourves and drinking bubbly champagne.  I had a questionaire for our friends to see who knew him the most.  The winner got a prize to take home. I revealed the answers and interesting facts of my man using a slide show…

My hubby’s deaf from his left ear.  He wasn’t born that way but actually lost his hearing after being hit by truck when he ran into the street after a ball.  His skull was cracked and he was in a coma for 6 weeks. The doctors  didn’t think this 3 year old would make it.  But his mom prayed diligently and it was a miracle that he survived without any other problems except loosing his hearing.  

My hubby was also Regional Lamb Leader of Orange County when I met him 18 years ago.  Regional Lamb Leader? HUH?  He was in 4H for 9 years where he raised pigs, steers, and lambs at would show them at the OC Fair.  His specialty was lambs and he became so knowledgable that he became the contact for anyone who had questions or problems.  It was very fun and different to go around with him to sheer lambs for the kids who  were getting ready for the Fair.


The most suprising thing about my hubby is that he started a fashion design company when he was only 18 along with his best friend.  The Tustin News published an article and this picture  of them in the prom outfits that they designed.  I couldn’t believe it when my hubby told me that he designed a dress for the Miss Teen Pageant and even was offered a line at Nordstrom!!!  Unfortunately, he had to decline the offer because he couldn’t produce enough pieces.    

There are so many other things that make my husband so interesting.   I call him my Renaissance man because he knows so much about everything. I thank God that he has blessed me with such a wonderful man!


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