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November 27, 2008

We normally host Thanksgiving for the Souter side of the family but this year Jen wanted to make use of her beautiful newly remodeled kitchen.  Her mom Lousie, who’s great cook, was suppose to make most of the food but she unfortunately broke her arm 2 weeks ago. Jen had to make the Turkey for the first time under her mom’s directions and it […]

Cadiz’s Thanksgiving Play

November 21, 2008

Cadiz was one of 5 students chosen in her first grade class to memorize several lines for a Thanksgiving skit.  She opened up the show by standing in front of the stage by herself and telling the story of Thanksgiving…”Once upon a time, long ago, Puritan Men, Puritan Women and a Puritan Minister came to America.  They had a […]

Happy Birthday Babe!

November 19, 2008

This 39year old hunk is the love of my life!  The kids and I surprised him with the Wii.  He’s been wanting one since it came out but I was reluctant to get it.  I was afraid that the kids & Steve would be consumed by it.  So far it hasn’t been bad.   On the weekend, we […]

Mason’s Thanksgiving Party

November 18, 2008

All of the preschool classes in Salem had their Thanksgiving feast in the gym.  They had a nice spread..turkey, cranberry jello jigglers, pumpkin bread topped with whipped cream and corn bread.  When Mason was asked what he was thankful for he said..CARS! Mason saying a prayer.

Homeword Benefit

November 15, 2008

Our dear friends, Mark and Lisa, invited us and some other friends to a Homeword benefit at the Fairmont in Newport Beach.  We had a nice dinner, great conversation, and learned a lot about how Homeword helps families raise children in a healthy Christian environment.

The Griffith Observatory

November 1, 2008

We had a free day on Saturday so we “spur the moment” decided to go to the recently remodeled Griffith Observatory in LA.  Steve and I were dating the last time we were here and we saw a laser show where neon lights would move to the music of the Doors. (the Doors and the Rolling Stones made a comeback […]