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I’ve been Tagged – for the 1st time!

This is new and exciting – my blog friend Michelle tagged me and I’m suppose to write 7 things about myself.  So here it goes:

1.)  I almost caused a fire in a restaurant.  Steve and I went to dinner at the Anaheim White House for the first time this year.  The restaurant is old school and was a little to stuffy for us…waiters in black suits who quickly fold your napkin when you leave the table, there was a pionist in an evening gown playing in the corner, it’s a place where a lot of people take a first date to or celebrate an anniversary.  So we were seated in a small cozy table lit by candelight. The menu was huge size wise.  It took up half of the table when it was opened.  There were also too many plates to choose from. All of them were named after celebrities who have been there.  I couldn’t decide between the Gwen Steffani Ravioli or the Gnocchi Calvin Klien. I felt the pressure of the waiter coming back for the 2nd time to see if I was ready to order. I was intensely looking at my menu when suddenly I started to smell something burning…the corner of my big huge menu caught on fire from the candle on our table! I freaked and tried blowing it out and of coarse that made it worse.  So both Steve and I started to pat it out with our napkins.  Ashes started flying in the air around us and the smell of burnt paper filled the air.  The waiter ran to our table and helped us finally get it out.  I was SOOOO EMBARRASSED! People were staring and I felt horrible for ruining the ambiance.  Steve always says that he can’t take me anywhere without me doing something to cause a scene. But I know that’s one of the things he loves about me.

2.) I love to fish.   One of my fav childhood memories is going fishing with my Dad growing up.  I was only 5 when I caught my first fish.  My brother was supposed to be my Dad’s apprentice but he thought it was too boring.  So I stepped up the plate and ended up loving it.  It’s relaxing to look out at the water and just loose yourself for a bit until you feel that nibble and get the adrenaline rush of reeling the fish in.  My biggest catch was a barracuda when I went deep sea fishing off of Newport. I hope to pick up the sport again.

3.) I’ve once sucked up liquefied beef brisket and potatoes with a straw. Yes, I’m afraid you read that right. No I wasn’t on a crazy tv show. Let me explain.  I had jaw surgery when I was 24 because my ortho screwed up my mouth when I was a teenager so I had to have braces again plus jaw surgery to fix it.  After my surgery, my mouth was wired shut for 6 weeks.  I could only eat liquids.  Shakes and soups were fine for the first 2 weeks but then I started craving meat.  We went to a Superbowl party where the food was catered.  I got really jealous of watching everyone eating beef brisket, baked beans, potatoes and cornbread while I was sipping my sad Jamba Juice.  I couldn’t take it any longer so I went to the kitchen pulled out a blender and started pouring things in.  I liquefied everything and slurped it up with a straw.  It’s gross I know but it’s weird the things you end up doing when you are desperate for food!

4.) I almost didn’t get engaged because of the movie”The Sound of Music”  Watching The Sound of Music movie every year on TV around Christmas has been “one of my favorite things…”  So much so that I wanted to stay home instead of going out to dinner with Steve on the night he was planning to propose.  I was not in the mood to dress up or go out. I just wanted to cuddle up in a blanket and sing along with the movie.  My parents knew about Steve’s plan, since he had asked for their blessing, so they along with Steve convinced me to get up from the couch and get ready for dinner.  I’m glad I did!

5.) I get star struck easily I’ve embarrassed myself a couple of times when I spot celebrities. The first time I realized I had this problem was when Steve and I went to the openning night of the musical Sunset Blvd starring Glen Close.  We were going up an escalotor towards the theater when I spotted Danny Devito outside a restuarant below us.  I don’t know what came over me. I screamed at the top of my lungs and pointed “There’s Danny Devito! There’s Danny Devito” Steve was so embarrassed and pretended he wasn’t with me. 🙂  My other star sitings are: At the Orange Circle I saw Laura Flyn Boyle, that skinny girl from the lawyer show The Practice, antique shopping. I saw Morgan Freedman at the London Heathrow Airport and i would of gotten an autograph I love his movies especially Shawshank Redemption but Steve held me back.  But I did get Rick Steve’s autograph, a well known travel guide writer who has a tv show as well, to sign my “Rick Steve’s travel guide” when I spotted him in a small bar while we were traveling in Italy.     

6.) I don’t use or eat anything after the expiration date.I blame my parents for this disorder.  My parents came from meager beginings and so they were very conscientious about wasting food.  I appreciate that and always try to be thankful for what I have.  But what I couldn’t take was seeing Dad chop off a little mold from bread or cheese and say “Oh it’s all right it’s only a little bit of mold” That was the beginning of what I have become today.  I always look at all the expiration dates when I buy everything now and get the latest date so it can last me longer.  I do this for eggs, bread, milk, meats, salads.  I’m the shopper who will shift the milks around, pull out all of the bread loafs and squeeze all the veggies to get the freshest items.  Steve thinks I need help but I’m sure there are some of you like me.  Right?

7.) I dream to live abroad. I think it would be fun to live abroad for a year to immerse myself and the fam in another culture.  I think it would be a great learning experience.  My top picks would be Italy and Spain.

I guess the only people I can tag is Kathy and Starlene since everyone else on my blog roll has been tagged already…I really need to make more blogger buddies!


3 Responses to “I’ve been Tagged – for the 1st time!”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love learning fun facts about my friends! And you are not alone with the expiration date thing – I always grab my food from the back at the grocery store 🙂

  2. Monica – This is the Singapore Gooseman…. the story about the menu catching on fire is awesome!!! I am in a board room here in the Hong Kong office and I was laughing so loud when I read it – my eyes were watering – I’m sure everyone in the office heard me!! Love that!! As I know Steve quite well, I am sure he is not letting you forget this very easily and has most likely told everyone he meets about this!!! So sorry you have to deal with Steve’s constant harassment like this….BUT in a funny, good way, he only makes fun of those that he loves deeply and dearly – YOU 🙂

    The Singapore Gooseman….

  3. I finished! Now, you have an award from me. Come on over to see. 🙂

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